Closing Up Your Outdoor Kitchen – What You Need To Know Now

Want to extend the life of your outdoor kitchen and patio? Read on to learn informative tips on how to preserve your natural stone surfaces.

It’s nearing the end of October here in Savannah, Georgia. And while football season is in full swing, and the autumn air feels more like a spring day with random humidity, the Savannahians know the major holidays are just around the corner and outdoor time will come to a crashing halt. Savannahians do not like cold weather. And by cold weather, we mean under 60 degrees. Anything less than 50 degrees, and it’s a major announcement from WSAV to protect your pipes, plants, and pets, with fear-induced vocabulary of the word we don’t like to use much ’round here: Winter.   

Now Is The Time To Protect Your Stone Surfaces

Exposure to nature’s elements will happen in any outdoor space. Winter weather can bring a slew of issues for outdoor stone surfaces. Rain, salt, and even a possible chance for hail or sleet can wreak havoc. Also, a summer’s worth of sunshine beaming down can also warrant a check-up on your stone surface investments. Let’s protect them and ensure they are ready for the new year of outdoor grilling, entertaining, and living. 

Tips From The Pros

Granite Protection: Granite is known for its durability. It is excellent at resisting dirt, bacteria, and heat. You should only clean granite with soap and water- and never use acid, bleach, or ammonia cleaning products. If a stain has come up, try a one to one solution of water and rubbing alcohol to remove the stain with a soft cloth. And even though this hard stone surface can handle the elements very well -resistance is simply that, and not a forever guarantee. Protect your granite countertops with a new layer of sealant once a year, to ensure your stone surfaces will last for years to come. 

Marble Protection: Marble is a gorgeous stone, and will enhance the design of many outdoor spaces, but the upkeep of this stone is crucial to maintain its long-lasting promise. We recommend sealing marble surfaces twice a year for outdoor protection. Using soap and water with a non-abrasive cloth should be your go-to for cleaning, and any stain that does not come clean should be consulted by a professional. 

Travertine Protection: Sometimes known as travertine limestone or travertine marble, it is an excellent stone to use for patio flooring and outdoor wall structures. It is a very strong and dense stone, and with sealant protection, it will resist its porous nature. Moisture and movement are the biggest concerns with travertine, and ensuring you have a good seal on the stone once a year will protect it from cracking, stains, UV rays, and more. The same rules apply for travertine, and you would not want to use acids like vinegar, or bleach to clean these surfaces. 

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about your stonework. We are happy to help, will come take a look at the surface, and address any issues that are happening or could arise. We are your local refinishing experts for all things stone, and we look forward to helping you protect your investments. 

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